2018 Best Free Data Recovery For Windows 10

"How do I recover the data deleted from Windows 10 for free?" "I recently lost my data in Windows. This is a research report. I upgraded my computer operating system to WINDOWS10, and it worked fine. But a bad operation made my report lost. Do you have a recommended method?"

Many users have upgraded their computers to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8. Then some of them found that they met the data loss problem after they upgraded their computer. And they are trying to find a free WINDOWS10 data recovery software and want to enable it to help you get out of the data dilemma? Is there a simple or free way to restore important WINDOWS10 data? Don't worry, the free method will be appreciated in this article.

When you happen to lose data in WINDOWS10 or other OS versions, you ask why? How do I lose data? What can cause data loss problems? Typically, data loss problems under WINDOWS 10 may be caused by the following reasons: You may find the cause of data loss.

  • 1. Careless operation or improper operation: careless deletion, formatting or partition deletion will cause data loss.
  • 2. System error or crash: This is unavoidable when the system crashes or a system error occurs.
  • 3. Windows OS Upgrade or installation: Sometimes Windows system upgrades or installation/reinstallation may result in data loss. To avoid this situation, you need to back up your data.
  • 4. Virus/Malware/spyware: Virus attacks can also cause serious data loss problems. So, how do you get data lost? Other unexplained reasons? In fact, some unknown causes can also cause data loss problems. How to solve such trouble and then when data is lost with WINDOWS10? Is there any free WINDOWS10 data recovery software that can do this work?

Best Free Windows 10 Data Recovery Software

A 100% secure and free WINDOWS10 data recovery software can be very alarming for users to save their important data. Here, we recommend that you try free data recovery. Free WINDOWS10 data Recovery software - Allstar free Data Recovery Pro enables you to recover any of your lost security.
The software can be used to solve problems such as deletion, formatting or virus attack.
A step-by-step guide to recovering lost data free via WINDOWS10 free recovery software: How to use it? Download it and follow the three steps below:

Step 1. Start Allstar Windows10 Recovery freeware, the Free Data Recovery starts the quick scan first.

Step 2. Select the disk partition or storage location where you lost the data, and then click Scan.

After a quick scan, the depth scan automatically starts looking for more data.

Step 3: Preview and recover the lost data

You can preview the data found by file type, select found data, and then click "Recover" To save it to another security point on the pc/storage device. Don't hesitate to let the software help you. If there are any data failures on WINDOWS10 or other storage devices, please download this free WINDOWS10 data recovery software.